A Heat Input Calculator for Your Welding Process

A Heat Input Calculator for Your Welding Process

Welding Inspector’s Stopwatch is an iOS application which combines an heat input calculator with an easy method to obtain this important value. Amperage and voltage are entered into the app by the user while the stopwatch is running, all while a welder is welding. Distance welded is then entered into this calculator and a Heat Input in kilojoules is returned on the screen. Other features include three manual heat input calculators, a user manual, and a setup wizard.

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Release Notes & Download

Welding Inspector’s Stopwatch is available for download on the iOS App Store. Apple iOS 9.3 or higher is required.

September 19, 2017 – 1.35.67 released with the following improvements:

  • UI polish and improvements, new icon
  • Two new manual heat input calculators available: solve for distance to travel in a given time, and compute maximum time for a known distance
  • Improved built-in user documentation

Download 1.35.67 From App Store


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